Bond Issue

On April 5th the school will hold a special bond election to renovate and remodel the existing building that houses grades 1-12.  In addition four classrooms will be added along with expansion of our cafeteria to help alleviate congestion and allow the students more time to eat that is closer to a traditional lunch time.  

The proposed project will (a) renovate and improve entryways, corridors, restrooms, classrooms, labs and collaborative learning spaces at the existing elementary school and high school; (b) renovate and improve the high school gymnasium and replace bleachers; (c) replace heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at the elementary school, replace building management systems, electrical panel boards and water and sewer lines at the elementary school and high school; (d) expand the existing district cafeteria space to hold additional students, expand kitchen storage for freezers and coolers, renovate existing cafeteria space to match new expansion and install motorized projection screen, projector and wall graphic at cafeteria; (e) construct an addition and improvements to the elementary school to house four new classrooms and renovate collaborative learning space; (f) replace exterior doors and windows at the elementary and high school, add vestibule doors and heater at south playground entrance of elementary school and make other exterior improvements to the elementary school and high school; (h) renovate the main office and construct a secure vestibule at the elementary school;

In addition, the principal cost to patrons is $6,793,570, with the state paying the remaining 39% which is $4,343,430 and totals $11,140,000