NHS Projects Page

Each student in NHS is required to create their own service project or join up with other students who have their own service projects.
2017-18 projects:
Aiden Ballinger

I was planning on having a clothing drive during the Courtwarming game. But it got snowed out and the game was cancelled. And since there was no other huge event really left on the calendar. So Saturday the 12th I asked a couple of my friends if they would help me go around town and ask for donations. Chandler and Turner helped me and we collected 3 full bags of clothes on the 12th of May. I am still expecting some more donations from people so I am wait to take it to:

Concern Inc. & Good Buys

516 Main Street Mound City, KS 66056

Phone: 913-795-2092

I have contacted Concerned Inc. And all proceeds will be donated Before Memorial Day.

Taylor George

Logan Mattingley

Chantel Shaw

Volunteering with the kindergarten- The Letter "U"!

Chantel Shaw Project

Ella Sabine
Diaper Drive

Ella Sabine

2014-15 projects:
Amanda Parker
The Pleasanton Community has always had an influence on my life. I’ve been really close to some people in town. I felt like I needed to give back to my community. February of 2014, I got ahold of Mr. Tim Staton and asked him if I could build and paint new benches out at the Stegge Lake. He thought it would be a great opportunity to help out the community. A couple of weeks before the day came, Mr. Staton called and told me that the bathrooms out at the ballfield needed to be painted more than the benches needed to be fixed at the lake. Mr. Staton decided to tie my project in with community clean up day, which takes place in the spring time. I held a leadership role in my project. I decided that it would be a good opportunity to get kids involved in helping paint the bathrooms at the ballfield. I got a group of people together and it was a very successful day filled with fun. I would like to pass this project down to the National Honor Society Organization. This should be a biannual project.

Lacey Sowards and Savannah Reynolds
Lacey Sowards has developed a service project in which she and her group chooses a flower bed in and around Pleasanton and will de-weed and add flowers.  She wants the flowers to represent hope and prosperity for the community as she has fond memories of the different flower beds in and around Pleasanton as a child. 

Her first project will be working at the flower beds at the Residencies.

Chelsea Cox and Lauren Mattingley
We have not seen the soccer fields in use in awhile. We thought it would be a good idea to get them up and running again. We do not expect them to be used everyday, just if anyone ever has a thought that they want to kick around a soccer ball or play soccer, they would not be able to right now. We are thinking that maybe we could keep the fields' grass cut, paint the goals and benches, keep the nets up/fix them if needed, clean up the bathrooms, and maybe organize the storage room. We could even provide soccer balls. Children do not go outside and play as much as they used to and maybe that is because they do not have anywhere to play. Cleaning up the soccer field in seasons other than Spring might help that.