Organization of Strategic Gamers

The Organization of Strategic Gamers (OSG) is a group of like minded individuals who enjoy tabletop games of all kinds.  The aim of the club is to introduce students to the theory behind games (design, playtesting, balance, etc) while providing an outlet for them to enjoy and play various games.

The OSG was created in September of 2012 and had an initial membership of 21 students.  To join, please speak with an OSG officer of the sponsor, Mr. Robert Nolan.

Dues are $5.  The $5 due can be waived by donating a game to the club's library.

2017-18 OSG 

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The 2015-16 officers are:
 Student     Office Held
 Turner Dent Student Council Representagtive
 Belle Burtnett Treasurer / Secretary
 Mason Ralle Vice President
 Sam Sweat President

The 2011-12 members and officers are:
Treasurer         Ryan         Kimlin
President         Dakota Ralle         
Historian         Taylor Rothenberger
Vice President Dalton Shrum

James Beltz
Justice Dent
Dylan Evans
Jeff         Fitch
Brandon Hensley
David         Hinkle
Bryan Maki
Isaac         Murphy
Aeneas Smith
AJ         Snow
Sam         Sweat
Ashley Walker
Diamond Wills
Austin More
Sarah Maloney
Marcus Fleming
Baker Inman