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Pleasanton USD 344 is a combined school district with grades Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  The district offers an at-risk pre-school.  The grade school hosts grades K-6 and the high school hosts grades 7-12.  The grade school has an approximate enrollment of 180 students with the high school having an approximate enrollment of 150 students.  

USD 344 resides in Pleasanton, KS, a small community that is a short drive from Kansas City, KS on a four lane highway.  

USD 344 is part of the Three Rivers League of schools.

Board Office
309 W. 13th
Box 480
Pleasanton, KS 66075

Phone: 913-352-8534
Fax: 913-352-6588
Mr. Travis Laver, Superintendent
Pleasanton High School
1001 Ashe Street
Pleasanton, KS  66075

Phone: 913-352-8701
Fax: 913-352-8181

Mr. Mitch Shaw, HS Principal
Pleasanton Elementary School
1205 Ashe Street
Pleasanton, KS  66075

Phone: 913-352-8531
Fax: 913-352-6155

Mr. Dave Thomas, Elementary Principal