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ACT Information:
The ACT will be held here at Pleasanton High School on the following yellow highlighted dates:

The following dates are ACT test dates as well deadline dates.  The highlighted dates are dates offered here at PHS. We need ten people in order to host an ACT test date.  If less than 10 students register, a student will be moved to a new location.
Visit for more information.

The ACT HS code for PHS is 172430

Test DateRegistration Deadline(Late Fee Required)
September 21, 2013August 23, 2013August 24–September 6, 2013
October 26, 2013September 27, 2013September 28–October 11, 2013
December 14, 2013November 8, 2013November 9–22, 2013
February 8, 2014January 10, 2014January 11–24, 2014
April 12, 2014March 7, 2014March 8–21, 2014
June 14, 2014May 9, 2014May 10–23, 2014

In addition, you can find the same information at the following ACT website:

At the ACT website, click the "Sign Up/Log in" button.  Proceed to fill out the registration.  Once you have an ACT account, register for the test date that you wish to sign up for.  You will need the high school code for PHS listed below.

2014-15 Test Dates
Test Date
September 13, 2014
October 25, 2014
December 13, 2014
February 7, 2015*
April 18, 2015
June 13, 2015