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KCTC Survey

INSTRUCTIONS (Teacher instructions are below).
Please read the information below, then click the link at step 3 to get started.

If you are in 8, 10, or 12th Grade your building code is: 4040

If you are in 6th grade, your building code is: 4038

2. Enter the Region code where you LIVE:
Linn County: 54 (if you live in another county, please raise your hand)
Region 7

If you live in another county in Kansas, please click the region code listing PDF below and look up your county region code.

3. Click the following link to be taken to the Kansas Communities that Care survey:

Teacher Instructions:
1. Introduce students to the survey by providing them with a brief explanation (given annually to
students across the state in 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades, the purpose of which is to learn what
students in our school know about some healthy and unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking and
drinking). This survey is completely ANONYMOUS, CONFIDENTIAL and VOLUNTARY. At this
point, any students without a signed parent consent form or those who refuse to participate should be
excused to an alternate activity.

2. Read aloud the following instructions (most of which are on the first page of the survey) and invite
"Thank you for accepting the invitation to participate in this study. The questions contained in this
survey are designed to obtain your opinion about a number of things concerning you, your
friends, your family, your neighborhood and your community. In a sense, many of your answers
will count as "votes" on a wide range of important issues. In order for this study to be helpful, it is
important that you answer each question as thoughtfully and honestly as possible. All of your
answers will be kept strictly confidential and will never be seen by anyone at your school. This
study is completely voluntary so you may skip any question that you do not wish to answer.

If you do not find an answer that matches your thoughts exactly, mark the one that comes
closest. If any question does not apply to you, or you are not sure of what it means, just leave it
blank. Feel free to go back to a previous page or review your answers by clicking the "Next" and
"Back" buttons at the bottom of the page. While you may always change an answer by simply
clicking a different response, once any response has been selected, that question must then be
answered before proceeding to the next question.

You will have the entire class period to complete the survey. If you are unable to finish the entire
survey, that’s okay. There are some questions that are required to be answered. These are the
first four demographic questions found on the board: district, building, county and region, plus
questions #1 (age), #2 (grade) and #3 (gender), and the last question on the last page. You will
receive an error message if you try to move past these questions without answering them.

I will let you know when time is almost up. At that time, if you are not finished, you should use
the “Next” button to skip ahead to the last question of the survey, answer it, then click the
“SUBMIT” button. You will receive a “Thank You” message after you click “SUBMIT”. If you do
not click “SUBMIT,” NONE of your responses will be recorded."

3. In the event of Internet problems, network congestion or their browser stops registering, students
may return to the survey link and start over. There is no way to pick up where they left off if they did
not get to submit the survey and receive a “Thank You” message.
4. Remind students that:
  • They may skip any question they are uncomfortable answering (except the required demographic
  • questions and the last question of the survey).
  • They have the entire class period to complete the survey. It is okay if they cannot finish.
  • They should remain quiet until all students are finished.
  • They may assume they have not used a particular drug if they do not know what it is.
  • They should not consider communion when answering questions about alcohol consumption.
5. Thank students for their time in completing this survey, then instruct them to login by opening the
survey link shown on the board and to read all of the instructions on the first page before using the
information on the board to answer the four demographic questions.

6. Just before the end of the class, ask anyone who is not finished to proceed to the last question on
the last page (How honest were you in filling out this survey?) by clicking the “Next” button until
they get to the end. Remind students to click “SUBMIT.” At this point, they should receive a
“Thank you” message. (Once students leave the room, please check all computers to ensure this
was done—if the survey is still showing, click “SUBMIT.”)

7. Classroom Administrators: When all sessions of survey administration are complete, please send
an email to your district’s survey coordinator and provide the date(s) of online survey
administration, time, building code, grade and approximate number of students who took the
survey. This information will be used to guarantee that all data submitted is actually received.
Please report if you experienced any trouble with network congestion or the browser stopped
responding, and feel free to add any overall comments you may have concerning the online
survey, such as suggestions, constraints, problems or network issues.

Thank you for your support of this important project!

Robert Nolan,
Feb 16, 2018, 7:11 AM