Parents Guide to Special Education

Parent’s Guide to Special Education in Kansas is a publication intended to provide special education information in an easy to understand manner to parents, and other people involved with making decisions for students with exceptionalities. Parents are to share in the responsibility for developing educational plans for their students. This active role requires parents to have information about the special education process and requirements.

This guide reflects federal and state special education laws. The guide is available on the KSDE website at

www.ksde.org - click on the parent's guide to special education tab.

This guide provides resources of interest to parents. Most of the resources can be accessed through the world wide web (Internet). We acknowledge that some parents may not have access to the internet. If you are unable to access a resource that is on the Kansas State Department of Education website, you may contact Special Education Services for this information (800-203-9462).

Making decisions about a student‘s education is very important. We hope this guide continues to be helpful to everyone who is concerned with the education of students in the special education process and to enable a true partnership between parents and educators.